Monday, January 12, 2009

Easy and yummy!

So I know this blog mainly only has craft ideas on it, but I thought I would share this fun little recipe.

Breakfast Ring, by Jackie Allred

2 cans of crescent rolls
1 roll of sausage
10 eggs
about 1/2 -1 lb of bacon (however much you want, we added this to Jackie's recipe)
2 cups shredded cheese

Preheat oven to 375*. Brown sausage in skillet. Scramble eggs in another skillet. Unroll crescent rolls and place on baking sheet in a circle, overlapping wide ends in and long pointed ends out. press wide ends together to make large surface. Place eggs, sausage, bacon, and cheese on flat part of ring. Wrap pointed ends up and over into the middle and tuck under. Bake for as long as roll package states and rolls are golden brown.

I don't know if they make jumbo size crescent rolls, but if they do, I think they would work better because you would have more surface area to place the mixure on.

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  1. ugh. I think I just gained 3 pounds reading that. :) That would be SO yummy!