Thursday, October 14, 2010

Baby Quilt - "Casserole" Style

Last night Susan and I decided to make a baby quilt for a baby shower that was at 9:30 this morning. I'm still hooked on the free motion quilting and have been wanting to try another one. So at 8 pm we began.

This one has 3 inch and 5 inch squares that are appliqued on. That part went together very quickly. The tricky part was the free motion because all the squares are just stitched with a 3/16 raw edge. So every time I went on to the little squares, I had to lift the presser foot because it would catch under the raw edge!

We both love the way it looks with the denim and lime green. It was fun and turned out great for the four and a half hours we put in.


  1. wow! that is so cute! susan told me about it, and it is even cuter than I was imagining!

  2. So awesome. Hey Sue...I know another baby being born soon...just kidding. That is amazing. I am trying to think if the fabric I just bought to make a quilt would work in a pattern like this. LOVE IT!!! Way to go Laurel and Sue.

  3. Wow it is way cute!! I bet your friend loved it. I wonder if there is a way to 'get around' the edges without getting them turned up.